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Annotated Overview
SQYX Convicted Of Civil Contempt For Supporting EIIR Coronation Oath

Incarceration In Absence Of jurisdiction


In 1953 Elizabeth II Windsor Adopted The Historical Coronation Oath

Including The Undertaking In Law

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ETC 2 3 4 5 as related to the void Hudson's Bay Company Charter Fitzgerald Examinations / Examine : 1613 : Plantagon : Yuquot : BC


Overview – Commencing In 2013 - Complaint

  1. Crown Canada Trespassed Upon Sovereign Kwa’mutsun Territories – Having Published Statements Acknowledging Absence Of Jurisdiction By Either Federal Or Provincial Authorities, Servants; Or, Agents

  2. The Crown Trespass – On Behalf Of Queen Elizabeth II; And, Within Her Specific Instruction – Executed The Arrest Of Kwa’mutsun Ralph Charles SQYX Goodwin – And Brought Goodwin To Supreme Court Of British Columbia Trial; Alleging That Goodwin Breached The BC Legal Professions Act

  3. At Trial Before Justice Greyell, The LSBC (Law Society Of BC) Prosecuted Goodwin; Securing A Conviction

  4. Goodwin Avoided Compliance With The Greyell Order

  5. LSBC Proceeded To Secure A Second Trial Before Justice Macintosh; Alleging Civil Contempt

  6. Justice Macintosh Concurred With The LSBC Complaint; Ordering Goodwin Into Custodial Incarceration

  7. Goodwin Has Served Appeal Notice Elizabeth II; LSBC; And, Attorneys General Canada And BC That This Land Title Question Entitles Goodwin To Appeal Directly To International Tribunals In Absence Of Appealing Through Canada’s Court System

  8. Goodwin – As A Indigenous Citizen Of Sovereign Kwa’mutsun In Quw’utsun Territory – Exercised Appeal Rights As Recognized By Canada And Indigenous Legal Actors Since 2009

  9. Goodwin Seeks Both Civil And Criminal Conviction Upon Elizabeth II; Joint And Several With Crown Canada Actors; And, The LSBC

  10. At Trial, Justice Macintosh Verified That All Named Actors Are Parties To The LSBC Prosecution Of Goodwin. Additionally, Mactintosh, J. Concurred That Goodwin Would Not Secure Not-Biased Legal Council In Canada; Or, Within The Commonwealth Due To Prerequisite Oath To Elizabeth II

  11. Goodwin’s Appeal Complaints Before International Tribunals Proceeds Through The Specific Instructions Of Kwa’mutsun Head Of State

  12. Incumbent Within The Goodwin Appeal Is His Petition For Adequate State Funding For His Choice Of Competent Legal Counsel

  13. In 2005, Goodwin Exchanged Letters With Elizabeth II On These Matters Of Crown Funding Of Indigenous Complaints Counsel; Elizabeth Received Goodwin’s Caution That Failure To Provide Said Funding Would Be Just And Good Cause For Goodwin / Kwa’mutsun To Proceed To Secure UN Security Council’s Warrant Sanction To Seize Elizabeth’s Assets Into Trust By Joint IMF / WBG Monitoring

  14. The Reasonable – Based Upon Prevailing Precedent – FMV Cost Of Goodwin’s Complaint To International Tribunals Is $100-Million CDN

  15. Public Access Transcripts

Crown Conspiracy Of Trespass In Pursuit Of Unjust Enrichment

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