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Caveat Statement Of Truth

Fundamental Free Prior Informed Consent Remains Our Core Principle And Doctrine

Universal Code

International Advocate : TCsince1975 : Political - Human Rights


Without Prejudice : Errors And Omissions Excepted : Not Legal Advice

Without Prejudice : Not Legal Advice; Nor, A Directive To Legal Counsel. Political Commentaries Only : Errors And Omissions Excepted

Authenticity Of Words Is Imperative In Establishing Statements Of Fact; And, Further, Of Political Statements And Commentaries Published By Text, Oral; Or, By Any Form Of Art.

Official Public Court Documents - Including Transcripts Of Trials And Decisions - Are Published By Contracted Parties. These Documents Contain Professional Best Efforts By Accredited Court Recorders.


LOE Corp INTL Is Not A Service That Promotes Itself As Being Qualified To Issue Legal Advice; Nor, Does LOE or Associate ICG LTD (Including, ICG Construction) Promote Our Endeavours As Such..

Political Opinions Are Within The Reasonableness Of LOE Jurisdiction. Our 60 years Of Political Commentaries Certainly Incorporates Significant Legal Advice To Our Board Of Directors. And, Therein, LOE Undertakes To Provide Such Opinions, Where Reasonably Warranted, To All Actors Within Our Corporate Sphere.

In Consequence, LOE & Associates, Are Vigorously Active In Providing Political Commentaries That Reflect Upon The Veracity, Jurisdiction; And, Evident Legitimate Jurisdiction Of Both Civil And Criminal Law.

Ignorance Of Law And Mistake Of Law Are Important Features Of Legal Accountability.

Heads Of State; Chief Political Actors; Law Enforcement Corps; Military And Paramilitary Authorities Are Especially Significant Parties Of Interest To LOE & Associates Due To Presumed Duty Of Care In The Public interest.

Archives Of Corruption Leagues Prevailing Their Dark Elements Upon Individual Citizens, families, Governments, Companies Of Commerce And Trade - And - Also, Unfortunately, Within The "Military Industrial Complex" Warrant Our Interest. It Is Here That LOE & Associates Unfolds Its Network Of Due Diligence Resources To Step Forward To Assist The Citizenry, Business Community; And, Government Actors - Including, The judiciary. Our Touchstone (since 1975) Committee Has Successfully Petitioned For Judiciary Members - Who Demonstrate Bad Faith In Their Official Capacities - To Step Down From Their Duties.

Included Within LOE Group's Interests Are Examination And Active Oversight Of The Quasi-Judicial Administrative Tribunals; And, Therein, Principal And Mandatory Rules Of Order - Commonly Referred To As Rules Of Natural Justice.

Individual And Joint Parties Are Entitled To Enjoy Reasonable Access To Law - To Adequate Legal Counsel Of Choice. Each Nation State Prevails With A Certain Disadvantaged, Disenfranchised Citizenry, Who Are not Able To Retain Legal Advice. And, The Majority Of The United Nation's Membership Have Endorsed Doctrines To Provide Access To Legal Counsel At The Expense Of The State - Even Where The State Might Be The Respondent Party Or The Complainant.

Affordability Of Legal Counsel Remains A Significant Question Within The Economic Spheres Of Wealth Competition. And, Legal Counsel Is Subject To Oversight; Where Overbilling Accusations May Be "Taxed" - Reviewed At The Relevant Law Society; Through The Supervision Of The Benchers. The Right To Practice Law Is Enshrined In Legislation; As Are Other Professional Groups.

Emile Zola Published The Famous "J'Accuse" - To Expose Corruption In A Military Trial Of Treason. The State Choosing To Condemn An Innocent Officer Of Minority Status Within The French Culture. Such Corruption Requires Exposure. Citizens Who Challenge The Status Quo Are Often Condemned As Radical Elements Requiring Public Protection From These Accusations. And, Money 'Talks" Too Often. 

Hence Our Fundamental Free Choice - Until It Meets Another's Nose - Ensuring That The Four Corners Of Legal Logic Prevail : To Possess A Right Entails Possessing An Equal Duty.

In Truth We Trust Since Time Began

Without Prejudice - Not Legal Advice; Nor, A Directive To Legal CounselPolitical Commentaries Only  Errors And Omissions Excepted

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