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In Truth We Shall Trust Since Time Began That The Just Society Shall Prevail

Not Legal Advice; Nor, A Directive To Legal Counsel. Political Commentaries Only Not Legal Advice - Political Commentaries Only

Without Prejudice : Errors And Omissions Excepted

History Is Replete With Dark Examples Of Overt Terrorism Of One Upon The Other - Human Civilization Is Not Unique In This Matter.

It Has Been Good Fortune Throughout Life From The 1946 Infancy To Elder Years Of 2022 That I Have Enjoyed The Privilege Of Overwhelming Heartfelt Caring And Good Nurturing By My Birth Parents : Ernest Russell And Ellen Goodwin. And, My Sibling Brother, Glen, 

In The Years Following 1970, My Father And Mother Lived Divorced Lives; Until Ernest Remarried To Elizabeth And Daughter Suzzane.

By The Time Of Ernest And Elizabeth Sharing A Life Together, I Was Married (1971) To Jacqueline Helen Wright; Immediately (At Age 25) Being A Grandfather : And, Eventually, Today, Being A Great Great Grandfather (4 Boys From Jacquie By First Marriage; 11 Grandchildren, 19 Great Grandchildren & The First Great Great Grandchild In 2022.

Jacquie - As With Elizabeth II - Was In Military Service : REME : Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers : Including, Motor Pool Duties. Following WWII , Jacqueline Wright Was Married To Veteran Austin Haugen. And, Following Her Divorce, She Trained And Practiced As A Registered Psychiatric Nurse - Becoming A Police Officer At Matsqui Sex And Drug Offenders Ward - Retiring In 1979; And, Eventually Became Certified Ass An Anglican Priest.. She Is Celebrated In Music. And, Hence, She Is Noted For Her Mediation Between EIIR & SQYX At LOE Corp INTL.

It Is My Constant And Eternal Joy To Sing With My Son Each Night - Celebrating Jacquie's Unique Presence In Our Lives; Of Her Wonderful Sense Of Humour And Zest For Life With Others; Like The Ladies Of Laughter International : Red Hat Society.

Coupled With This Ancestry Is The Tapestry Of The Goodwin Family Tree - Which Is A Tree Flowing Through Canada To England (Perhaps, As Some Records Infer To The Last Anglo-Saxon King, Harold Godvine - And - From Thence To The Nordic Sapmi Peoples.

Thus, There Arises The Question Of Paramountcy Of Ancestral Lineage.

In 2005 - With My Birth Parents And Sibling Brother Glen Now Deceased; And, My Political Activities Entrenched Within The Parameters Of Human And Civil Rights; - I Was Adopted Into The Monarchy Of Her Royal Highness Stitumatulwut Hwuneem.

Dr Hwuneem - Ruby Mary Hwuneem Alphonse Peter - Inherits The Noble Duty Of Absolute Monarch Of Kwa'mutsin In The Quw'utsun Territories Of West Coast Salish Peoples; Noted As Falling To Earth 6500 Years Ago As The Second Oldest Family Line Of These Quw'utsun Peoples : Warriors And Two Row Wampum : Peace Trust Friendship Covenant Carriers Of The Diplomatic Nation-to-Nation Trade Treaty Relationships Similar To The East Coast Iroquois ( Haudenosaunee ) Confederacy Peoples.

As An Aside, The Haudenosaunee Are In Trade Treaty With The Empire Of The Netherlands Since 1613 - An Historical Marker As Being The World's Oldest Nation - to -Nation Trade Treaty - And - Jointly Celebrated At The New York UN Centre In 2013.

My Adoption By Dr Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem, LLB In 2005 Was By Custom - Similar To The Same Adoption Of CBC Journalist Shelagh Rogers By Senator Murray Sinclair [Head Commissioner] Of Canada's Truth And Reconciliation Commission On The Matter Of Settlement Of Complaints Related To Canada's Prevailing Policy Of "Taking The Indian Out Of The Indian Child". Since Before 1867 In Canada European Governments Seized Circa 150,000 Indigenous Children - As They Likewise Did With English Waif Children Who Were Scooped Up (100,000) And Shipped To Canada To Work As Cheap Labour On Farms And In Industry) Into Schools Administered By Religious Organizations : I.E., Roman Catholic, Anglican, United.

Today, The International Community Is Watching As Indigenous Families Of Canada Are Now Beginning To Uncover The Circa 50,000 Missing Children's Gravesites Being Unearthed Within These Indian Residential And Day School Lands - Seeking To Identify Those Little Bodies - Many Now Known To Have Been Buries In Little Butter Boxes.

It Is Within These Margins Of Historical Wrongs That I Am Now Titled By Custom And Tradition As Speaker (Shqwi'qwal) Eagle In The Sky (Yuxwuletun) - Named By Quw'utsun Elder Hulqwimut Alphonse; Embraced By Stitumaatulwut And Family; Witnessed By RCMP, Lawyers And Non-Native Business Leaders.

Embraced Within These Shqw'qwal Duties Is My Background In Provincial And National Politics Since 1975; Plus, My Business Years Since 1963. I Am Supported By Canada In Y-2000 When The United Nations Security Council Authorized Me To Trade Oil Internationally - Including Travelling Between England And Japan To Arrange Finances For Large Multi- Purpose Commodities Purchases; As Well As Purchasing Oil Refineries And Securing Agreements For Macro Auto Manufacturing In China.

In The Matter Of Turtle Island North ( Canada And USA) I Am Privileged To Have Secured Banking Joint Venture Agreements With International Native American Nations Who Had Entered Into Depository Agreements With The Bank Of Scotland : On Shore - Off Shore Financial Services.

With Regard To Political Machinations Between European Doctrine Of Discovery Parties (Not recognizing The 100,000,000 Indigenous Ancestors Of The 1100 Tribal Nations Of Turtle Island North (North America & Mexico) My Duties Include Serving Statutory Declarations Upon Trespassing Actors (Nation Heads Of State & Commercial Entities : Banks + Military Industrial Complex).

Dr Hwuneem, As Absolute Monarch, Has Directed Me To Carry Such Protestations To Alien Foreign Parties : Including, Serving Notice Upon The UN Regarding Credentials Challenges; The ICC In Matters Of Alleged Criminal Wrong Doings; And, Other Tribunals Such As The ICJ Upon Issues Of Civil Wrong Doings : In Consideration Of The Unfolding Parameters Of Claims Of Immunity From Prosecution.

Consequently, HRH Elizabeth II,  Queen Of Canada And The Commonwealth Since 1953 Resides In Canada As A Party Now Receiving  A Catalogue Of Civil And Criminal Complaints; And, Being Considerd Through Those Issues Of Immunity From Prosecution.

In Summary, Ralph Charles SQYX Goodwin Leads This Phalanx Of Complaints Through The Named Tribunals In Search of Acceptable Remedies.


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