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Ancestral Customs And Tradition Empires In Conflict -The Full Story - Conflict Within Unfolding Global Political Regimes

Developing International Laws Quandary Of Jurisdiction

The Americas - Lands To Be Explored By Asia And Europe - Since The Dawn Of Human Migrations. Settled Populations Of Turtle Islands (North, Central, South America) Numbering Circa 100-Million Peoples In 1492 When Columbus Arrived In Cuba; And, Visited By Chinese Monks And Sailors Looking For The Fountain Of Youth Since Before 1000 B.C.E. While, Today (2022) There Continues Domination By European Regimes That Began Arriving In Turtle Island North Before 1613; When The Dutch Empire And The Iroquois Confederacy (Haudenosaunee) Entered Into The Prevailing Two Row Wampum Trade Covenant As The Now Oldest World Treaty Of Commerce. Such Is This Global World Where Modern Technologies Are Visiting All Four Corners Of This Earth - Where Information Raises Consciousness To Greater Levels In Pursuit Of Peace - Friendship And Trust.

JHG EIIR 700 x 690 5 JUN 2022.png
JHG EIIR 700 x 690 5 JUN 2022.png

Saxe Coburg Und Gotha - The Windsors

Three Prevailing Houses Residing Within The Canada Common Territory; All Being Historically Of European Decent; And, Now, Uncertain Of The Future Within This Domain Traditionally Governed Within The Two Row Wampum Covenant - But, Since 1867, Governed By The British Empire; With Elizabeth II (Saxe Coburg Und Gotha - Windsor) Reigning As Head Of State / Queen Of Canada. And, Where Now The Bones Of Unnamed Children Are Rising From The Gravesites Of Indian Residential And Day Schools Across Canada's Landscape. Pope Francis Visits This Summer To Offer Apologies.

The House Of Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem

HRH Dr Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem, .LLB Rests Now After A Lifetime Of Confronting The Violated Peace Invitation That Was Offered To The British Empire In The 1700's, When English Fisher Fleets Plied The Pacific West Coast Shores; Gathering Salmon For Trade Into The Asian Marketplace. Captain Meares Purchased 100 Acres On Friendly Cove In Nootka Sound On Behalf Of English King George III (Who Reigned During The American Revolution). HRH Hwuneem's Lifetime Was Dedicated To Preserving (With SFU And UVIC) And Cataloging The Coast Salish Huy'qumi'num' Language. Her Children, Now Carry Forward Her Monarchical Authority To Remind Queen Elizabeth II And Canada's Government That Turtle Island North (BC) Canada Remains Consecutively Settled Sovereign Peoples (CSSP) Territories - And - Canada Trespass Prevails.

HRH HWUNEEM 700 x 690 5 JUN 2022.png
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