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About Being Indigenous In Quw'utsun Kwa'mutsun

Since The Beginning Of Time : CSSP : Consecutively Sovereign Indigenous Peoples : CSSP : Until The Last Sunlit Day

These Turtle Island Canada west coast territories remain - in 2022 - sovereign; not treatied with Crown Canada. Canada's Head Of State, Elizabeth II does not reign here. You will definitely find her presence - and, the claim of government by Canada and British Columbia as dominating the landscape. But, when you delve into the matter of customary and traditional law ( and international law ) there is a divergent, unique contrary story to be heard from the 193 indigenous nations of this territory - where the AFN (National Assembly of First Nations), Inuit and Metis speak a different truth of paramountcy and dominion of nations. In 1492, As Columbus sailed into Cuba, 100-million indigenous Peoples governed 1100 sovereign nations Of Turtle Island North ( North America ) since before 14,500 years ago. Truth Telling is good - It Is Positively breathtaking ... There is no danger here; and, Mother Earth is great joy.

And, now, there is a commercial fact to understand that invites investment across all of Canada

People Partying

Quw'utsun Kwa'mutsun  Joint Ventures With ICG Ltd & LOW Corp Intl

Specifically, Canada and indigenous peoples have created a secure, attractive environment to warrant investment capital to enter the commerce and industry landscape through joint ventures with indigenous governments and individuals (companies, partnerships, debt holders, venture capitalists, etc). Revenue Canada And the Supreme Court of Canada have settled upon a venue that provides unique tax relief to indigenous projects and peoples - where investment capital finds security in both micro and macro projects of natural resource developments, high tech industries, medical sciences; and, the full spectrum of platforms that both domestic and international capital seeks for profit reliability and high risks with consequent wider ranges of net revenue streams. To this grandeur of commerce and trade matrix there is a lasting gratitude to an indigenous moccasin maker - who did not pay taxes on the income that he deposited into his bank account - nor, did he pay taxes on his supplies or employed labour.

Taxpaying Is Both Responsible Practice And Is Required By All Actors


European Colonization vs Asian Exploration

Roman Catholic Church Terra Nullius Papal Bulls

TIN METIS 8 JUN PIC 2022.png

Cultural Integration & Indian Residential-Day Schools

Metis - Inuit - First Nations Suffered Through Colonization

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Modern Era Business Practices Secure Capital Investments

Indigenous Trade Advantages Embraced By Canada


Two Row Wampum -Peace Trust Friendship - Gus Wen Tah

Commerce And Trade Ethic Since Time Began

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European Colonialization - Doctrine Of Discovery

1788 European Utrecht Court Confirmed Native Land Titles

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Quw'utsun Kwa'mutsun & 193 Nations Survive In West Coast

Two Row Wampum Covenant Chain Trade Agreements

Canadian Indigenous Peoples Are Inuit - Metis - First Nations

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