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Hello - Today - Let's Talk Indigenous

The UN states that the universal contemporary indigenous population is circa 350-million : similar to the United States. But, let's, also consider 8-billion peoples of Earth in 2022 as being indigenous - everyone born to this planet; each developing certain customs and traditions unique to their territory or domain. Hence, are there certain satellite regions that are especially attractive to business investments ... Well, Yes - as below - where we examine Canada as a featured place of interest. Here, we will discover that the world's second largest nation absorbs circa $78+billion in annual investments --- But, we wonder, have investors heard the best story; where international capital should zone in ?

Business Has Never Been Better

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Making Profit Through Ingenuity And Forward Thinking Paradigms

The Turtle Island North (Canada - US - Mexico) Is Cultured Through 14,500 Consecutive Years Of Living Without The Wheel Integrated Into Its Civilization Projects Of Harvesting And Construction. Similar Historical Indigenous Practices Are Evident Throughout Turtle Island South (South America). And, Through This Genius Of Adaptive Living There Is Evolved A Specific Honour System - In Turtle Island North Canada (TINC) Named Two Row Wampum. It Is A Covenant Bearing Peace Trust Friendship As Its Tapestry Of Business Ethic - Such Was The Welcome That Greeted Columbus in 1492; And, Would Have Been Practiced With The Earlier Viking Settlements - As Well As The Asian Vessels That Have Arrived For The Last 3000 Years.

Balancing Individual - Family - Community Nutrition And Habitat Needs With The Sustainability Stewardship Relationship With Mother Nature Has Historically Deemed Mobility As A Keystone Factor In Survival. The Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy) Elders Were Commissioned By Both The American Founding Fathers And Canada's Confederacy Founders To Provide Guiding Pathways For Interring Lasting Peacemaking Chapters Into Their Constitutional Frameworks Because Of The Thousand Years Of Peace In The Haudenosainee Territories That Served Well In Establishing The Sustained 400-Year Old Two Row Wampum Trade Agreement With The Netherlands Empire That Began In 1613.

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