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Good Day - Let's Talk About Assets

Today, as never before, modern technologies are ensuring that the military industrial complex - that US President Eisenhower cautioned needs close and stringent oversight - is under greater scrutiny to demonstrate both accountability to stakeholders and the general public. The corporate industry operates only through the legislated provisions of government - presuming accountability to the taxpayer through elections. And, thus, individual land and resources birth right has advanced into the forefront of assets allocation - redistribution of global concentration of wealth by the few is receiving warranted political commentaries. "Surface: Total Surface Area: about 509 600 000 square km (197 000 000 square miles). Area of land: 148 326 000 km2 (57 268 900 square miles), this is circa 29% of the total surface of Planet Earth. Area of water: 361 740 000 km2 (139 668 500 square miles), @ approximately 71% of the total surface of the Earth"

Malthusian Economic Policies And Darwin's Survival Of The Fittest Theory

Population Projections into 2050 - 2100 foresee global population at end of this century to survive within the 10 - 12 billion persons : Africa, India and Asia being state regions that will be overwhelmingly burdened with the quest of providing food, shelter and education to both genders; as modern equity rights rise throughout industry and government - faith houses will be under extreme public pressure to establish balanced theologies.

LOE Corp Intl - as a division of Indigen Commerce Group Ltd (Canada) - provides advocacy for wealth redistribution via UN endorsement of traditional citizenry lands and resources entitlements - prior to modern banking practices that financed regime changes throughout the globe.

The ULCC (Universal Land Class Claim) is based upon adequate precedence - including, the financing practices that provided the American Revolution regime with financing to provide military payrolls; as well as Wellington versus Napoleon. Today, poverty is a rude joke, broached by industry barons in order to ensure continued dominance of Earth's depleting natural resources by capital sourcing : see GALBRAITH

Addendum : Wealth Redistribution Today Ensures Interplanetary Exploration In Peace - Trust- And - Friendship : Avoiding Military Conflicts

Civilization's desire for peaceful co-existence overwhelms all dark conspiracies. And, today, technologies will provide the platform for global democratic regimes survival. Review And Complete / Submit Your ULCC To UN General Assembly Today - As others have been so doing since before 1975 : LOE & ICG Archives Possess Originals. Historical land title rights are 128 - 160 acres per person /  51.8 - 64.8 hectares : Example

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