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Our Mission And Background Since 1960 Has Been To Exercise The Right And Duty Of Natural Resource Stewardship - Including Sustainable Bio-Electric Energy; Food Production; And, Silvaculture - Aquaculture As A Biosphere Reserve Network

International Law Terms Relating To Individual And Nation State Status As Sovereign Entities With Land Title And Resources Authority To Protect And Preserve In The Just Society

Throughout Our Corporate And Foundation Career, LOE CORP INTL Has Continued In Association With Core Community Groups; Ascertaining The Common  Will Of The People.

Commerce And Industry Remain Constant Sources Of General Benefit To The Public Security Of Person And State


And, Our Matrix Of Policies And Practices Reflects Our Continued Commitment To Improving The Global Standard Of Living - In Conjunction With Climate Integrity  

Truth Telling Involves Being First Honest To Oneself; And, Therein, Exercising Great Strength Of Ethics To Prevail When Confronted By The Dark Elements In Life That Seek To Overwhelm Our Security Of Person, Family And Community

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