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CSSP - Consecutively Settled Sovereign Peoples / OIPC - Organization Of Indigenous Peoples Courts : By Custom And Tradition; Within The Scope Of The Transitioning International Laws : Striving To Secure The Just Society --- Ensuring That No Individual Or  Group Is Above The Law --- And, That All Citizens Are Provided Equal Access To The Law Through Adequate State Funding To Ensure Choice Of Competent Legal Counsel.


Address To UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

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OIPC Evolution And Modern Era Relevance In Human Rights Of CSSP



The World Indigenous Law Reference Provides A Brief Introduction Into This Realm Of Being Indigenous.

Further, A Guide Offered Forward To CSSP-OIPC Via An Experienced Person From The UN International Law Division, Illustrates "Indigenous" As Being "Consecutively Settled Sovereign Peoples / Person" - CSSP

Our Caution, In Adopting "Customs And Traditions" Into The Application Of Law, Is To Be Wary Of The Evolution And Incorporation Of Standards That Are Deficient In Matters Of Equity; Where, Traditions And Customary Practices May Have Been Dominated By Oppressive Leaderships.

This Evolving Concept And Application Of The Fundamental Civil And Human Rights; And, Personal Political Freedoms Is Dramatically Transitioning Into Domestic And Global Broader Awareness Of Diversities Of Gender And Wealth.

Hence, CSSP, As An Evolutionary And Custom Based Description Of Rights And Duties Within Civilized Societal Norms, Has Inducted The Organization Of Indigenous Peoples Courts As A Mechanism To Ensure Absence Of Bias Within Both Nation State And International Judicial And Commercial Tribunals.

Bias Remains An Integrated Concept Within Law Institutes / Courts Due To The Invocation Of The Oath Of Allegiance. And, CSSP-OIPC Attends Within These Parameters To Stand Up -Speak Out - Remain Standing As The Provocateur Of Common Law.

CAVEAT : CSSP - OPIC Reserve The Rights And Duties To Preserve The Integrity Of Nation State Territories From Alien Hostile Military / Economic / Social Occupation In Absence Of Invitation.


Example Of Current Prosecution - SQYX vs EIIR - Illustrates Indigenous Transitions

Public Demands For Enforceable CHURCH & STATE Accountability Prosecutions Arise

LOE's Open Public Discussions  - NEWS COMMENTARIES -  Serve As Of Our Commitment

The Commonwealth Head Of State Accountability Illustrates The Role Of Absence Of Immunity

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