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EIIR & POPE : No Statute Of Limitations In CSSP Genocide Crimes Laws : No Heads Of State Immunity

Respectfully Published By : Ralph Charles SQYX Goodwin - Kwa'mutsun Nation State

Both Heads Of State Have Received Notice That The Global Indigenous Peoples Communities Are Within The Universal Declaration Of Rights To Pursue Justice And Equity In Matters Arising Through The Historical And Prevailing Colonial Campaigns That Exist Throughout Their Regimes.

Unjust Wealth Accumulation Through Doctrines Of Discovery - And - Commercial Campaigns By Their Fleets And Ground Forces Are Being Considered As Actionable Crimes Within The Established Indigenous Peoples Laws.

These Indigenous Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide, War Crimes, Crimes Against Culture, And, Crimes Of Aggression Are Within These Indigenous Mandates - As Is Legislated Throughout The Global Indigenous Peoples' International Laws Provisions.

Kwa'mutsun Within Quw'utsun - As A Nation - Is An Example Of Crimes Legislation That Encompasses Heads Of State. It's Genocide Laws Are Consistent With Similar Other Nations That Have Assented To The Rome Statute --- And, The Legacies Of War Trials Trials Since 1917 Are An Appropriate Indicator Of This Global March Toward The Just Societies --- Where Commerce and Trade Have Failed; And, Other Governments And International Tribunals Are Reticent In Seeking Out The Cessation Of War Crimes As A Mechanism To Propagate Wealth Regimes; More Than 500 Million Indigenous Peoples Are Standing Up To Be Seen; Speaking Out To Be Heard; And, Remaining Standing Until Acknowledged.

Respectfully Published By : Ralph Charles SQYX Goodwin - Kwa'mutsun Nation State

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