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ULCC : Universal Land Class Claim : UNSC

Why Would You Entertain Submitting Registration Confirmation Of Your Individual Claim ? Answer : Why Not ?

Elandro Cervantes

Good Day. We Trust That Your Inquiry Here - At This ULCC Information Page - Will Serve To Add Value To The Time You Will Invest In Considering The Assets Management Dialogue.

The Universal Land Claim Is A Class Action Campaign Of Citizens From Around The Globe Who Are Befuddled By The Existing Narrow Concentration Of Lands And Resources Wealth Into The Brokerageship Of So Few People - Good Citizens - But, Hindering The Right Of Simple, Honest Survival Of 99% Of Earth Burgeoning Population - Thus, ULCC Is A Mechanism To Redistribute Wealth.

ULCC Is The Focus Of The Global Land Trust - Which Is Premised By The Allodial Land And Resources Rights Vested In Ancient Land Tenures. And, Today, The ULCC Serves To Secure Fundamental Birthright Security Of Person And Family Within The Community And Nation - Fundamentally, Inverting The Prevailing Economic Matrix.

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ULCC : Inevitable Dispute Resolution Events : ULCC

The Unfolding Global Land Tenure Regulatory Process Is Principally Founded Upon Ancient Warfare Practices - Contrary To The Agrarian Land Allocations That Evolved As Societies Struggled To Feed And Clothe Their Populations.

Within The ULCC Regulatory Process - Where Each Person Captures And Is Respected For Their Birth Right To Harvest Sufficient Crop (Economic Assets) - There Will Occur Conflicts Between Individual Claim. Hence, The Council For Dispute Resolution Serves To Remedy The Dispute Within Reasonable Time Limits. The 160 Acres / 64.5 Hectares Model Prevails For All Persons Attaining The Age Of 12.

Earth's Total Area Is 510 Million Square Kilometres : 126-Billion Acres : Thus, 8-Billion People @ 160 Acres Each Will Not Suffice. Our TRUTH TELLING Page Illustrates Empires vs Empire Problems - As Does The In Truth We Trust Fracas Blog Page.

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ULC 700 x 690 LOE ANCESTRAL CLAIM 3 JUN 2022.png
ULC  700 x 690 for LOE corp INTL 3 JUN 2022.png

Trails Of Tears

Ancient Archives Burdens Of Populations Lost Through War

Within The Current Mainstream Of Political - Economic Planning And Practice, There Are Nor Prospects To Eliminate Global Impoverishments : Individuals And Nations Struggle Endlessly With Overwhelming National Debt Loads / Underemployment / Gender Deficient Education Practices / Health Care Crisis

ULCC Serves As A Block Vote For Accessible Remedies To These Unending Impoverishments - Where Wealth Inequities Reign Continuously.

ULCC Inverts This Prevailing Dominatrix Of Concentrated Wealth Streams - Direct Democratic Principles And Practices Are Available Today Through The Emergence Of Global Communications Systems - More Is Better : Ignorance Is Not bliss.

Intergalactic Commerce And Trade Is Spurned Forward Through The Profit Motive. And, ULCC Provides The Platform For Redistribution Through Peaceful, Democratic Dialogue.

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Lisa Rose 玫

ULCC : Cultural Diversity And Harmony Director : ULCC

Integrating The Historical Diversities Of Global Civilizations Remains The Most Overtly Daunting Risks & Benefits Project - But - Extremely Worthy Of Great Concentration By Citizens. This ULCC Campaign Serves To Remedy Reconciliation Questions Regarding The World Military Industrial Complex; And, Earth's Limited Resources.

Securing Peace - Trust - Friendship Relations Within All Civilization Sectors - As A Fundamentally Daunting Task - Is Achievable Through Human Dialogue. The Entertainment And Science Mediums Serve As Preliminary Modifiers To Uncertainties That Arise Between People Groups. Patience And Mutual Respect Serves To Calm Dialogue.

Inverting The Global Economic Matrix Through ULCC Serves To Ensure Peaceful Political / Military / Faith / Economic & Employment Spheres As Humanity Grapples With Limited Resources. Hope And Destiny Remain Our Duty Of Care Ethic.

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