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Pest Control

Disputes between Landlords and Tenants are legendary. And, court dockets are rife with examples of government legislation attempting to mediate in the public interest between common law matters of contract; and, public health regulation that will inevitably affect the public purse regarding demand on health care services.

Lawn Spraying

Pest Control Is A Dispute Example

Bed Bugs And Rodent Control Are Two Primary Examples Of Contest. Contagious Health (I.E., Covid-Related) And Quarantine Jurisdictions Are A Third.

Rodents And Bed Bugs Have Been A Daily Concern Since Time Began. And, As With Health Issues, Public Cooperation And Government Regulation Are Required. Complicating These Responsibilities Is The Affordability Factor. Government, Citizenry And Corporations Share A Joint And Several Duty Of Care In Resolving Contagion In A Speedy Fashion : The Four Corners Of Affordability Become The Prevailing And Dominant Motivator In Pursuing Equilibrium In The Just Society Tapestry. The Constant Struggle Of All Political Systems Is Re-Election. Thus, Within This Paradigm, The Landlord Provides Adequate Resolution; The Citizenry Secures An Acceptable Comfort Level. Social Order In This Good And Just Society Prevails. And, Mother Nature Breathes A Sigh Of Relief, As She Struggles To Provide Balance Between Evolution And Civilization's Constant Quest For Improved Standards Of Living.

Affordability - Cost Of Doing Business

In The Beginning, There Was The Rodent And Bed Bug. They Seek Dominion, As Does The Human Family. Infestation Requires Resolution. And, Within These Parameters, The Pest Control Agency Prevails As The Good Doctor. 

Pro-Active Citizenry Tenants Secure Three Pest Control Quotes - A Ball Park Figure - Anticipating Landlord Hesitation. Government Is Included Into The Loop As A Moderator - Preceding Court Action ... There Will Be Peace In The Land.

Judge and Gavel
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