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CAVEAT SQYX COMPLAINT AGAINST EIIR UPDATED TO ICC PROSECUTOR @SQYXversusEIIR Posted To @IntlCrimCourt Good Day : I Am Ralph Charles SQYX Goodwin - My Complaint Is Authorized By My Head Of State… / HRH …… : Regards, SQYX Goodwin Documents Included (3) SQYX Signature

  1. HRH Hwuneem Birth Certificate

  2. HRH Kwa'mutsun Notice Of EIIR Trespass

SIGNED - Responding Email Ralph Charles SQYX Goodwin - Complainant To ICC Victoria, BC, Canada / Turtle Island North 1 250 709 1809

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The Core Principal : UNIVERSAL LAND CLASS CLAIM : The Citizenry Right

​Remember : The India Salt Wars & Gandhi Campaign : Independence

In The Interim - Please See Our Associate - Loe Corp Intl


International Contemporary Laws : Provide Head Of State : Criminal And Civil Liabilities

"The Crown is liable for the damages for which, if it were a person, it would be liable (b) In any Province, in respect of (i) a tort committed by a servant of the Crown, or (ii) a breach of duty attaching to the ownership, occupation, possession or control of property.".

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DATE : 5 – 7 – 22 : YEAR

To The Office Of The ICC (International Criminal Court) Prosecutor

In The Matter Of

The Relationship Between Individual And The State Nation Within The Just Society


Head Of State And Government

Presumption Of Immunity From Civil And Criminal Prosecution

In Conjunction With

The United Nations – The Rome Statute


The ICC Jurisdiction To Arrest And Prosecute

As Arising Through

The ICC 2019 Appeals Court Decision On These Immunity Issues



1. Complainant : Ralph Charles Goodwin, SQYX, Turtle Island North, British Columbia, Canada

2. Respondent : Canada Head Of State – Elizabeth II, Queen Of Canada / Queen Of The Commonwealth; Known As Elizabeth II, Windsor; nee Saxe Coburg Und Gotha

3. Kwa’mutsun Nation Within Quw’utsun Salish Territories : Crimes Against Humanity And War Crimes Act (The Act, 5-25-22, Current)

4. Canada : Crimes Against Humanity And War Crimes Act (S.C. 2000, C. 24)

5. Rome Statute : Rome, Treaty, 17-7-98 / In Force 1-7-2002

6. ICC Jurisdiction To Receive Complaints And To Prosecute : Heads Of State Joint & Several

7. ICC Appeals Court Decision 2019 : United Nations Member States; ICC Jurisdiction Irrespective Of Rome Statute Adoption

WHEREAS : Noting That SCBC Case 67804 (LSBC versus GOODWIN) Transcripts Are Included

1. Elizabeth II, Canada Head Of State Caused Ralph Charles Goodwin, As Above, To Be Prosecuted Under British Columbia Law Regarding The Legal Professions Act By The Law Society Of BC (LSBC); And, Further, To Convict Goodwin Of Civil Contempt Of Court; Including Fine And Incarceration In Absence Of Valid Treaty

2. Goodwin, At Trial, Received Judge Confirmation That He Would Not Find A Not-Biased Lawyer To Represent Him Within The Commonwealth

3. Goodwin Is Adopted As Indigenous By HRH Dr Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem, LLB, Kwa’mutsun Nation

4. Goodwin Petitioned BCSC Justice To Dismiss The Complaint Due To Absence Of Nation-to-Nation Binding Treaty Establishing Crown Canada Jurisdiction – Petition Was Denied.

5. Crown Canada Acknowledges Since 2009 That Indigenous Land Title Disputes May Proceed Into International Courts And Tribunals In Absence Of Canada Courts Priority


Signed In Truth : Ralph Charles SQYX Goodwin : Complainant


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