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Brothers-In-Arms Defeat Native Reconciliation Justice

Editorial Opinion By Ralph Goodwin, CEO Plus-1 News Central

The Conspiracies By Canada's Monarch To "Sign-Off" The Catholic Church's Financial Obligations Regarding Indian Residential School Victim's Compensation Criteria Is Not Dissimilar To Jointly Hiding The Buried Bodies Of Native Children Throughout Canada - The Traditional Bond Of Like-Minded "Thugees" Prevails ... Should We Be Surprised !?

In Canadian History Of Prime Ministers During The Years Of Truth And Reconciliation (1998 - 2006) Every PM Has Been Roman Catholic.

The Implementation Of The Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement (The 10%ers Equity Formula - Natives Received 10% Of Compensation That Was Settled At Court In Catholic Child Abuse Crimes Where The Victims Were Not Indigenous) Was Fundamentally Contrary To The Queen Of Canada Coronation Oath Obligations.

Legal Representation For indigenous Peoples Was Illegal In Canada Until 1960.

The 1900 Lawyers Who Represented IRSSV Claims Received Circa $800+-Million In Legal Fees Of The Circa $1.9-Bilion Settlement Trust Fund - While Documents Reveal That Lawyers Demanded Up To 43% Of Settlements; While Also Receiving Federal Government Compensation.

In It Remains Realistic For Indigenous Peoples To Continue Their International Law Settlement Journeys Via The UN Security Council (UNSC), The International Court Of Justice (ICJ), The International Criminal Court (ICC); And, The European Human Rights Court (EHRC) Through Established Legal Precedence Which Provides Right Of Complaints To These Bodies In Absence Of Pursuing Complaints Through Canadian Courts (re HTG v Canada At IACHR, 2009).

There Is Scholarly Logic In The Modern Era CSSP (Consecutively Settled Sovereign Peoples) Pursuit Of Civil Claims Against Church, Rail Road Companies; And, State For Land Settlements Within The Precepts Of Traditional Laws And International Law Parameters - In Particular, Those As Related To Fundamental Civil, Human Rights And Political Freedoms As Convened At The United Nations; And, Its Charter, Chapter VII Provisions.

Editorial Opinion By Ralph Goodwin, CEO Plus-1 News Central

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