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With Millions Of Revenue Canada Rightful Refunds To Indigenous Workers At The Ladysmith Sawmill Looming In The Air (Workers' Incomes Were Taxed By Revenue Canada In Absence Of Jurisdiction / On-Reserve Indigenous Employees Since Plant Was Started Up Nearly 50 Years Ago) As Revenue Canada Acknowledges Crocker's Refund Rights Since 2017.

HON JAGMEET SINGH - NDP FEDEAL LEADER : HON JOHN HORGAN - BC PREMIER : FEDERAL MP NANAIMO LADYSMITH, HON LISA MARIE BARRON : HON DOUG ROUTLEY, MLA BC - COMMITTEE MEMBER : ABORIGINAL AFFAIRS : These Members Have Parliamentary Due Diligence Authorities And Responsibilities In These Outstanding Crocker - Daniels Files. They Are Invited By These Indigenous Citizens To Demonstrate Lawful Veracity In Bringing Crown Canada To A Speedy, Just Settlement. (Click Here For Expanded Image View)

And, Chief Crocker's Spouse, Marjorie Daniels (An Indian Residential Schools Survivor) Continues To Seek Rightful Millions From Crown Canada And The Stz'uminus Band Council For Log Sort Leasehold Monies Paid By The Ladysmith Sawmill To Canada - But - Not Received By Marjorie Daniels (Crown Canada Indigenous Affairs Recognizes Her Legal Entitlements & That They Have Transferred These Millions To Stz'uminus Band - BUT - Marjorie Only Received One Initial Payment Years Ago. Thus, In 2014, Marjorie Filed The 2014-3041 RCMP File Complaint Against Stephen Harper For Breach Of CCC S.122 For Failing To Provide Proofing Evidence Held By Him That Will Attest To The Log Sort Monies Journey Into The Netherlands Of Stz'uminus Band. Both Chief Crocker And Marjorie Daniels Are Residents Of Stz'uminus (Chemainus) First Nation (Not Treatied With Crown Canada).

Chief Crocker Filed His 2014-3042 Complaint With RCMP Constable Chanin At The Stz'uminus Band Offices; Where He Maintained A Post. This Complaint Alleged Band Irregularities In Applying For Federal Funds Using Him As An Applicant Without Good Or Just Cause - This Outstanding Matter Also Fell Upon Prime Minster Harper's Shoulders Regarding Failing To Provide Evidentiary Files To Chief Crocker And RCMP That Verifies The Crocker Complaint ... Administrative Errors Were Considered Before Filing The RCMP Complaint. Constable Chanin Informed Chief Crocker That He Required The Crown Canada Files Before Proceeding.

The Daniels - Crocker Home Needs These Outstanding Settlements In Order To Complete Their House Mortgage Financing. With These Two Settlements, They Would Not Require A Mortgage. These Are Honourable Citizens Who Require Elected Officials To Stand Forward And Exercise Their Political Will To Bring The Attorney General Of Canada And British Columbia To The Reconciliation Table - NOW.

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Published By Tenant R Goodwin : JUNE – 25 – 2022 – JUNE : Email



Starlight Group On June 21st, 2022 Has Proposed To Construct An Additional Circa 89 – Unit Structure On This Goodacre Lot That Currently Houses 14-Floor Twin Towers – With Outdoor Pool Provisions. These Existing Towers Were Constructed In Circa 1960’s; With Periodic Upgrades. The Years 2014 – 2017 Saw Starlight’s Strategies Through “Renoviction” Actions To Increase Rent Costs By Changing Balcony Railings / Frontal Landscaping / Lobby Renovation. During This Stage Of Upheaval There Were Several Tenant RTB (Residential Tenancy Board) Appeal Applications To The Issued Evictions. Several Tenant Appeals Argued Intentional Corruption By The Prevailing Property Management Company (Larlyn). In The Intervening Years, Devon Property Management Has Replaced Larlyn. And, These Twin Towers Have Seen Resident Management Services Cut By 50%. Tenant Services – Like The Community Room – Were Boarded Up; Plus, The Pool Was Closed For Several Months.

It Has Become Quite Apparent By The Tenant Commentaries At The Two June 21ST Info Meetings Hosted By Starlight That There Are Numerous Lingering Alarms Being Expressed Regarding The Continued Reduction Of Services – Parking Interruptions / Loss; Construction Noise / Construction Dust Entering The Twin Towers Suites Due To The Failed Starlight Duty To Replace Deficient Windows Throughout The Buildings.

Tenants Have Published A “Tenant Impact Mitigation Plan” (TIMP) Draft – As Recommended Through The Information Floor Discussions. And, GATTTA Is Ensuring That The James Bay Neighbourhood Association (JBNA); City Hall Council & Relevant Services (Community Planning; Business Licence Issuance; Project Planning); MPs & MLAs Are Kept In The Loop.

GATTTA BULLETIN 2022-ONE Goodacres Twin Towers Tenant Association TENANT IMPACT MITIGATION


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This Lingering Bill Crosby Criminal And Civil Litigation Represents The National And Global Failure To Adequately Enter Into Open Public Dialogue Regarding Human Sexuality - And - The Pandemic History Of Physical, Psychological And Sexual Abuse That Is Plundered Upon Innocent Minds - Rendering Them Scarred For Life With Doubts About Their Individual Worthiness - WHO IS AT FAULT ?

There Is No Benefit Of Achieving Rendition Through Accusations & Imprisonment; Or, In Civil Damages Awards - This Is A Life Versus Death Syndrome - Requiring The General Public; Faith Houses; The National Commitment To Open Public Dialogue - With The Objective Of Creating A National Reconciliation Board Of Public Health; And, Our Individual Confession To Avoiding This Dilemma ... Call Upon The Human Cosby Frailties To Speak With Fat Albert Through The Comforting Guidance Of A Doctor Huxtable - With The Caution Of A Weinstein Platform; Written By Ghislaine Maxwell; And, Spoken Of The Matters Of Privileged Power By Andrew Windsor.

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